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I’m Freddie Nelson, I have 3 Years programming experience and I specialise in frontend development.

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For frontend development I mainly work with web technologies, such as HTML, CSS and JS. I am also profficent in Vue which I have used to build simple static sites, web apps and even an online multiplayer game as the versatility of Vue is almost unmatched.

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Hi, I'm Freddie Nelson

I’m a 16 year old student from Scotland who loves a challenge. I have always had an interest in tech but once I got my first taste of programming at school I fell in love and have been hooked ever since. I currently enjoy working with Vue for frontend apps and Nodejs for the backend, however I am also looking into Golang as a more performant alternative to Nodejs.

Aside from programming I also enjoy

My Work

SCOOT Map Manager

A tool that helps you manage your maps for the game SCOOT and lets you upload or download maps.

Scuffed Uno

A web game based on the card game UNO with over 100000+ plays. Built with VueJS and SocketIO.


An infinite canvas to store all of your ideas and inspiration, or pretty much anything else.

Particle Sim

Cellular automata particle simulation with material interactions built in Typescript on HTML5 Canvas.

Vue 3 Slider

A custom horizontal, vertical and circular slider for Vue 3 with 4500+ npm downloads.

Scuffed Chess

The most themeable online multiplayer chess. Built with Vue 3 connected to a Golang backend.

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